An Iterative Reference List of Climate Change

During the 64th WAZA Annual Conference, held October 4-8, 2009, in St. Louis (USA). Established a Working Group on Climate Change, in conjunction with the Specialist Group of IUCN / SSC Conservation Breeding (CBSG). The petition was filed in November 2009, followed by a Declaration of Intent in October 2010. A resolution on combating climate change was adopted at the 65th Annual WAZA, held from 17 to 21 October 2010 in Cologne (Germany).

“Climate change is not just another concern for the community to consider WAZA, is a chessboard on which all our activities take place,” said Paul Pearce-Kelly, chairman of the Working Group on Climate Change. “Therefore, we are very concerned about the threats facing all wildlife and natural systems.”

Please see the briefing notes of a zoo international wildlife and their initiative to monitor the effects of climate change on the distribution range of the species of mosquitoes, their periods of activity and behavior (200 KB): Project MoSI ( Mosquito Surveillance Initiative).

Please click on the following links to download a summary (100 KB) WAZA community and its activities on climate change more interactive reference list (7.5 MB) on the science of climate change policies and related information. The Climate Literacy Zoo Education Network , has prepared a report (700 KB) on global climate change, seen by visitors to zoos and aquariums.

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